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This is a recovery organizing site for Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The site allows people to offer/request assistance, and is coordinated by non-profits and community organizations on the ground.
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Community Updates

Occupy Sandy is at:

posted about 1 year ago by OccupySandySI
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1128 Olympia Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10306 347-201-0670

Occupy has moved, please follow us at

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers
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Hello Staten Island Recovers reader/volunteer

Occupy Sandy operations have moved Please redirect to: for all future postings as well as to submit needs, find Staten Island community recovery information, find donation hubs, and to read about volunteering.

Please email us with any questions: occupysandystatenisland at gmail dot com


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our wish list for 1128 olympia blvd.

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers

Here's our wishlist, send us as little or much as you can

1128 Olympia Blvd Staten Island, NY 10306

20 sheetrock knives 20 adjustable wrenches 200 mold killer 50 propane tanks 40 lbs 100 Phillips head screwdrivers 100 flathead screwdrivers 20 flood lights w/ stand 200 long extension cords 1000…

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1128 Olympia volunteer "job descriptions"

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers


We need volunteers seven days a week, and we really need people who can come and "bottomline," aka be responsible, for daily routine tasks of keeping our volunteer hub flowing.

Consider making a regular time in your week to do a full day or a shift: 10-2pm,…

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Sunday Staten Island community meeting

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers
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Sunday, November 18 1-4pm 1128 Olympia Ave, Staten Island

A community meeting is scheduled for 1pm @ the St. Margaret Mary Church at 1128 Olympia Blvd to discuss Sandy, eat together, and discuss issues n challenges.

There will be a legal clinic for anyone who needs help with insurance and…

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Staten Island Recovers hub at 1128 Olympia Blvd.

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers

Many thanks to the folks at St. Margaret Mary Church for welcoming us as partners in helping recovery efforts in Staten Island.

Starting tomorrow we are open from 10am. We have a free store of cleaning supplies and other goods. Will will have information on volunteering around the island.


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Saturday Staten Island Volunteering

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers


Rebuild Staten Island MEGA CLEANUP: New Dorp 780 Olympia Blvd 9am-7pm (Saturday, Sunday) Needs volunteers for three different tasks, rubbish removal & demolition, cleanup, and information gathering. We will begin working at 9am but you can arrive later.

1)Contractor/Demo Bags – Imperative 2)Work Gloves or Latex Gloves –…

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Sign Up to Receive Citywide Sandy Recovery Volunteer Opportunities & Host Evacuees

posted over 1 year ago by lowereastside.recovers.admin
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The Occupy Sandy organizers are working on centralizing all volunteer contact information into one database that will make it easier for us to find the volunteers that meet our exact needs all across the city. We ask you to please opt in to this Occupy Sandy volunteer database if you…

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Thursday Volunteering in Staten Island

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers
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575 mill Rd off Guyon: ask for Derek thanks

Arianna's Catering hub: 192 Ebbitts St. supplies that can be sorted and distributed the area needs clean-up, needs cleaning supplies

Grace Bible Church: corner of Mill St. and Guyon near Fox Beach last reported need: Clean up crews cleanup Oakwood Beach.…

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Get Staten Island kids prepped for return to school

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers

Project Backpack: collecting backpacks and school supplies to be distributed to Staten Island school kids

Send items to: 405 Hillman Ave Staten Island, NY 10314

The group is also accepting Paypal donations to

Contact: Donna Fellows,

Wednesday Volunteering in Staten Island

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers


IMMEDIATE NEED: tarps, canopy tents, and tables to 192 Ebbitts and tarps/canopy tents to Grace Church Guyon&Miller.

CLEANUP Arianna's Catering 192 Ebbitts St. has supplies that can be distributed + the area needs clean-up, needs cleaning supplies.

CLEAN UP Grace Bible…

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Tuesday Volunteering around Staten Island

posted over 1 year ago by SIrecovers

IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Drivers needed to run hot meals from hot food station at Father Cap + Hunter #sandyvolunteer

All day: Rebuild Staten Island: On Seaver Ave between Hylan and Laconia ave. look for the Rebuild SI tent. We need as many people that can lend a hand as possible.

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City Volunteer Day - buses to Staten Island

posted over 1 year ago by juanneng
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New York City Council is organizing a volunteer day for tomorrow, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, for the hard hit neighborhoods/boroughs. Help clean out homes that have been impacted by the storm. They are in need of cleaning supplies - shovels, rakes, brooms, gloves, garbage bags, masks, toiletries and pharmaceuticals (e.g. Tylenol,…

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Local Churches and Organizations

posted over 1 year ago by caitria
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If you are a local church, nonprofit, shelter or other organization helping provide relief, you can be an administrator on this site. If you are not part of a local organization, you can help us by approaching them with the information in this post.

Administrators can post news on the…

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