1128 Olympia volunteer "job descriptions"

posted about 9 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.


We need volunteers seven days a week, and we really need people who can come and "bottomline," aka be responsible, for daily routine tasks of keeping our volunteer hub flowing.

Consider making a regular time in your week to do a full day or a shift: 10-2pm, 1-5pm.


The 1128 Free Store 12+ in age, indoors but no heat: Greeting people, taking donations, sorting, stacking, fufilling orders for delivery, stacking boxes

Tool loan: greeting, signout of tools

Volunteer orientation: 18+, onsite but outdoor, dress warmly: Greeting, info sign up orientation leader on topics: clean-up, jobs, anti-oppression supplies and tools outfitting, keeping track of supplies dispatcher taking report backs data entry

1128 Communications 16+, indoor but no heat, dress warmly!: Answer phone hotline, Make calls to other hubs to check on needs, Communication with our main hubs at 520/Jacobi, Social media tracking: Cel.ly/Social media, Email checking

1128 Medic Clinic TBA, but needed

In the field

Clean-up: adults only/Medium Labor, Be dressed for messy outdoor work: Bleaching, shoveling, raking, bagging garbage

Demolition: adults only, Heavy Labor, Be dressed for messy outdoor work: removing sheet rock, clearing carpet, moving furniture

Canvassing 16+, be dressed for walking outside: calling people on the phone, dispatching groups of canvassers, going on canvassing expeditions, putting canvassing data into our database.

Driving 16+, insurance -take supplies and volunteers to and from sites -go with partner on supply drops and pick ups

Volunteering with another group [various jobs w/ other community recovery sites, we often send volunteers to other sites]

About volunteering with us

We ask that parents only bring children old enough to be independent, and to not take young folks to clean-up/demolition sites. Our facility currently has generators but no heat so we ask everyone to dress warmly. Please bring all you need for a comfortable, warm day (including snacks/water/medicines) and do not bring anything of value or anything you don't want to get wet.

A wonderful retired NYPD group is on site grilling all day for the community, and pasta is available. We have port-o-pots on site.

Please email us with any questions: occupysandystatenisland at gmail dot com


  • can i volunteer just on weekends

    sylviamyszka "(about 9 years ago)"
  • i am 15 years old and will be 16 in february

    sylviamyszka "(about 9 years ago)"
  • This is a well run hub in the heart of a hard hit area.(We have volunteered at several locations in NY and NJ over the last few weeks.)The center did not feel very cold and the food served is great! Consider weekday volunteering as staffing is needed then. We had a number of requests from storm victims for twin and queen size bedsheets, but had none to offer. We only had industrial flat sheets. Bedding sets might be nice. The young children who come to center when their parents are picking up supplies and have been through so much, enjoy receiving a small treat like markers and art supplies. (There is no room for big treats.)The generosity of Americans is amazing!

    newyorkstateofmine "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi, I would like to volunteer either 11/23 or 11/24. Who should I contact to sign up for this? Or should I simply fill our the registration form and show up? Please let me know, thanks!


    kelley8185 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi I would also like to volunteer this Friday and sat in the morning because I work in the evenings do you have any available time before 4pm thanks!!!!


    Cisco90 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi I would like to volunteer on the weekeneds. Who should i contact or can someone contact me back eshaext9@gmail.com

    eshaext9 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • If you are not getting answers to your questions, I believe they are understaffed during the week and may not be able to get around to answering questions. Volunteering began last Sunday around 10:00 and ended at 5:00 and you can do what hours are best for you. Keep checking the website for updates, but we just showed up around 10:00 and were able to work after a brief orientation. There are also other Occupy Sandy sites to check if you don't want to come without making a contact.

    newyorkstateofmine "(about 9 years ago)"
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