Staten Island Recovers hub at 1128 Olympia Blvd.

posted about 9 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.

Many thanks to the folks at St. Margaret Mary Church for welcoming us as partners in helping recovery efforts in Staten Island.

Starting tomorrow we are open from 10am. We have a free store of cleaning supplies and other goods. Will will have information on volunteering around the island.

We will also host a legal clinic on filling out FEMA and insurance claims at 1pm.

Come visit us at 1128 Olympia Blvd, Staten Island

ALSO: We need everything needed to have an office: office supplies of all kinds, big butcher paper for planning, a printer, lamps, etc. Please help us make this space good for helping out in SI.

Please email us with any questions: occupysandystatenisland at gmail dot com


  • You guys are doing awesome work! Are you working with the Rebuild Staten Island facebook page folks? ( or at least is there information going back and forth?


    Tim "(about 9 years ago)"
  • 624 midland ave is in need of clean underwear t-shirts socks,batteries,flash lights, lanterns,heaters,generators,gas, extension cords,baby supplies,bath rooms supplies,cleaning supplies,candles,lighters,matches,office supplies,medical supplies and everything except used clothes,also in need of a bath room.please contact johnny bravo 1-718-213-8630

    Bravo24nyc "(about 9 years ago)"
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