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Rebuild Staten Island MEGA CLEANUP: New Dorp 780 Olympia Blvd 9am-7pm (Saturday, Sunday) Needs volunteers for three different tasks, rubbish removal & demolition, cleanup, and information gathering. We will begin working at 9am but you can arrive later.

1)Contractor/Demo Bags – Imperative 2)Work Gloves or Latex Gloves – Highly Recommended 3)Boots- Highly Recommended 4) n95 respirator masks & Surgical Masks 5)Hammers, Crowbar/Prybar, Utility Knife, Screwdrivers – Highly recommended if you plan on demoing. 6)Brooms, Shovels – If it is not a hassle to carry. 7)Flashlight, Radio, Duck Tape, Sawzall Blades – Optional 8)Wire Cutters– Optional but may be useful 9)Chainsaws, Generators, Cordless Drills, Cordless Saws – Could be useful but very optional

New York Container Terminal, 300 Western Ave Volunteers are needed to sort through donations

Susan B. Wagner High School 1200 Manor Rd / Manor and Brielle needs volunteers to serve in the shelter

Arianna's Catering hub: 192 Ebbitts St. supplies that can be sorted and distributed the area needs clean-up, needs cleaning supplies

Community set up: 489 Midland Ave. Andre and Aiman volunteer needs: clean up crews supplies: everything, esp propane heaters and sleeping bags and emergency blankets.

Hallowed Sons: Cedar Grove Ave between New Dorp Ln and Neptune Rd. volunteer needs: clean up crews needs: yard tools, like mops, buckets, gloves, N95 masks plus also heaters, more tents, aspirin, benadryl, ointments of all types (neosporin, baby rash etc), stove lighters, flashlights and batteries

Christian Pentecostal Church, 900 Richmond Rd corner of Ralph Pl, needs volunteers! Especially this week, Monday - Friday, 9-5 pm. Weekend volunteers also welcome. Just show up in person. There is a long-term need for volunteers, ages 18 and up. The city has designated 3 distribution hubs on Staten Island to receive & distribute donations to Sandy survivors. We are receiving donations from all over, and need help with sorting through donations, and distributing to those in need. Please come in person to the church to volunteer. Volunteers must be 18 or older. The church is located along the s74 & s76 bus routes and walking distance from s53 stop at corner of Clove Rd/narrows Rd & Richmond Rd.

Click here for our full list of volunteering info + emergency services, donations needs and drop locations, info about pets, long-term relief.

Click here for public transport info

Please email us with any questions: occupysandystatenisland at gmail dot com


  • We are gathering a group and coming on Sunday morning from tewksbury NJ to help clean up!!

    cruise "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hello, I am President of the Lambda Sigma Honor Society at Pace University in NYC. Our society is looking to volunteer this Saturday 17th. We plan of having 5-10 student volunteers. Please contact me with a specific time and place that needs volunteers at Thank you

    mpalestro11 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • We are a private school and have a trailer with a grill. We would like to help by coming out on Saturday to cook for the volunteers and the those in need. I can also do a supply drive and bring it over. Please contact me at "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hey guys, I am Tenzin and I am organizing with Baruch's HSS & my non-profit (Students for a Free Tibet) to help out this saturday.

    Which brings me to this question: IS "Rebuild Staten Island MEGA CLEANUP" EVENT FOR THIS SAT the 17th?

    If the organizer could shoot me an email at, it would be helpful because my group is being set up on fb and have not signed up as volunteers on this sate. I would really appreciate it and see guys on saturday :)

    TenzinGaphell "(about 9 years ago)"
  • It would be helpful if dates are posted with requests. Think Mega Cleanup was last Saturday, but it is again this Saturday, the 17th? People are trying to figure out how to help this weekend the 17-18th. Do you still need drivers?

    newyorkstateofmine "(about 9 years ago)"
  • SIrecovers Our fantastic Occupy Sandy Staten Island team will be using this account from this point forward and @StatenIslandOS. Together we #helpSI

    If you don't get a response to your inquires, this was copied from scrolling feed on this site and maybe will help you with your efforts to volunteer. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    newyorkstateofmine "(about 9 years ago)"
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