Sign Up to Receive Citywide Sandy Recovery Volunteer Opportunities & Host Evacuees

posted about 9 years ago by lowereastside.recovers.admin
This update is over 30 days old.

The Occupy Sandy organizers are working on centralizing all volunteer contact information into one database that will make it easier for us to find the volunteers that meet our exact needs all across the city. We ask you to please opt in to this Occupy Sandy volunteer database if you are interested in hearing about further opportunities to volunteer with the Occupy Sandy recovery effort. Please sign yourself up at This is the best way to receive information on relevant, updated volunteer opportunities.

Also, if you have listed on the Recovers site that you are able to provide temporary shelter, please fill out a short form to provide us with more information about your offer: We’ll be in touch if your space is suitable for someone looking for housing.

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity!


  • As a spectator I feel helpless and anxious for those of you who are suffering. I live in Oklahoma so I cant at least volunteer. I do plan on finding a family to adopt for direct help. Maybe a church or organization can point me in the right direction and to the people that may need just a little help. I dont have.much but if everyone helps one we can make a difference together.

    yeouxleigh "(about 9 years ago)"
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