Get Staten Island kids prepped for return to school

posted about 9 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.

Project Backpack: collecting backpacks and school supplies to be distributed to Staten Island school kids

Send items to: 405 Hillman Ave Staten Island, NY 10314

The group is also accepting Paypal donations to

Contact: Donna Fellows,


  • When is distribution to the kids?

    juanneng "(about 9 years ago)"
  • My name is Katie Krusey and I run a Students for Charity organization at Lakeview middle school in Stoneboro, PA. I recently saw that you were collecting money and supplies to help students return to school. Our organization is looking to help a specific cause that will provide us with feedback on how our money helps. If you could provide more detailed information that would be wonderful. Our fundraiser will need to be approved by our school board before collecting money but I strongly believe w can help to make a difference.

    Thank you in advance for your information so we can best help you help others!!!

    Please emai me at

    katiekrusey "(about 9 years ago)"
  • 192 ebbitts st is in need of school supplies and a road map, please contact Johnny Bravo aka jean duchemin 718 - 213 - 8630 or jean Bravo duchemin on Facebook

    Bravo24nyc "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi Donna,

    My Name is Lisa Fierro and I'm reaching out to you from Westport, CT as we'd like to help Staten Island's Project Backpack by collecting supplies and delivering them to Staten Island if that would be helpful. Over the past 5 days our community has been donating supplies which are being delivered to Staten Island with 2 x day truck deliveries. We have been working with Project Humanity, people from the Major’s office and delivering to directly to the Red Cross at Miller Park.

    This Friday morning, two trucks will be leaving Westport with heavy duty clean-up supplies and we would like to coordinate with you to bring supplies for Project Backpack.

    Could you please advise by providing us with a list of supplies that you need. Do the backpacks need to be new, or can they be gently used?

    We look forward to hearing from you to help get things moving for your community.

    The email address does not seem to be working. Please contact me ASAP at

    lfierro "(about 9 years ago)"
  • My name is Bonnie Hoffman and am with an organization called Give 10 for 10, we are based in the DC/Baltimore metro area. Our organization likes to work with grass roots groups, local charities, etc to help make real impacts in the lives of others. We are a fairly small organization, but our motto is: "It's not about how much you have, it's about what you do with it."

    In that vein we have been coordinating a project here called Bags of Hope and have gotten a number of individuals and organizations to put together bags for specific groups/needs that can then be delivered to those in need in NY and NJ. Our bags include everything from toiletry bags, to cleaning supplies, to kids toys/clothes, to pet care, to elder care. Some of our donors are providing us with some backpacks with school supplies and in looking to find a place to bring them, came across your name on the Staten Island Recovers site. We are coming to the NY/NJ area this weekend and I would love to speak to you about getting our school supplies (and other kid friendly items--we have clothing, toys/games, kid friendly non-perishables, etc) to you and your drive.

    Can you please contact me at your earliest convenience to see if we can work with your group in your collection efforts. I can be reached via email at:

    thank you, Bonnie Hoffman

    bonnie.hoffman "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi Donna,

    I'm also have some issues with your email address, but I'm writing on behalf of the Brooklyn College School Psychology program and we'd love to help you out with Project Backpack. Could you let me know what types of supplies you're looking for? We're also holding a fundraiser next week, so we're hoping donate monetarily, as well.

    Could you email me at

    Thanks! Becca Yochelson

    RebeccaYochelson "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi, myself and 2 friends are available on Friday or Saturday to volunteer in Staten Island. What can we do?

    cgphoto "(about 9 years ago)"
  • I myself is having trouble with the emailing. Could you contact me with more information? Wanted to know the distribution date and what specific things are needed. thanks!

    aiyahliz "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi Donna, My name is Sheri West and I am contacting you from New Canaan, Ct. Our elementary school Kids Care group would love to help with Project Backpack. Please email me at Do the backpacks need to be new or may they be gently used? What specific supplies do you need? You obviously need these things asap, but would delivery next Wednesday be too late? Thanks!

    swest "(about 9 years ago)"
  • I could not access your email address, so I am posting my email below:

    Good morning,

    I hope this email finds you well. I just saw your website looking for school supplies. I am a teacher at the Massapequa S.D. in Long Island. I have boxes of new to gently used novels (approximately 400 of 4 titles) if you could use them. They are perfect for 5th - 7th graders. My husband commutes to Staten Island to work and is only 6 miles away from you all. Our schools are closed today because of the storm; however, I can get the books Friday and have my husband bring them to you on Monday. Please let me know if this is something you can use and I will send it over to you.

    Good luck in your recovery efforts. We have been heavily hit here and know your struggles.


    tntn3c "(about 9 years ago)"
  • My email address for the above post is

    tntn3c "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Have a troupe of volunteers coming from upstate NY to help out.. bringing food also.. where to go?

    lrd851 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi Donna,

    My company would like to donate a bunch of books, school supplies and backpacks to this effort--would be able to tell me what is most needed and if there is a particular age range that needs the most goods?

    Also, we will be collecting items from our employees until Friday the 16th, is this too late to make a difference? Do you know when you are handing out the items?

    Thank you so much, Kristin

    You can reach me at

    kristinf "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Trying to reach Donna Fellows but the email address provided was bounced back to me. We have money donations and need to know how to get it you guys. Please contact me at Thanks, Beatrice

    btinio "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Hi I am trying to donate a large supply of new backpacks - I have approximately 300 new children's backpacks with supplies inside. Please let me know ASAP if you are able to receive them. We'd like to come up tomorrow from Massachusetts.

    janutee "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Do kids still need school supplies?

    Ldonato "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Omg!!! I didn't know anything was listed here, please please bare with me. Ok ..YES we still need!! Lots and lots!! is WRONG! It's

    Bags can be new to gently used. Items needed are composition notebooks, binders, looseleaf, subject dividers, rulers, markers, scissors. Please email me directly or look on Facebook for project backpack with an apple icon!

    Boowag74 "(about 9 years ago)"
  • Where did those 300 bags go????

    Boowag74 "(about 9 years ago)"
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