Monday Volunteering in Staten Island

posted almost 6 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.

Please bring extra heavy duty trash bags, gloves, masks, brooms, shovels, rakes, cleaning supplies!

Christian Pentacostal has donations and needs people to sort them. 900 Richmond Rd, corner of Ralph Pl.

192 Ebbitts St. has supplies that can be distributed + the area needs clean-up

599 Father Capodanno Blvd. clean up crews

Grace Bible Church corner of Mill St. and Guyon near Fox Beach Clean up crews

Oakwood Beach (Guyon Ave/ Mill Road) clean up crew w/ Nicole Malliotakis

Cedar Grove and Wavecrest needs clean up crews

Please see this doc for info on SI post-hurricane volunteering."Plenty of work to do so please try to bring supplies like shovels, rakes, garbage bags, gloves and just do your thing"

See you Monday, #DoYourVolunteerThingSI


  • Crews forming at 80 Marine Way (corner of Hett Ave). Hot food, clothes, and water are available and lots of work for volunteers who want to get involved. Ask for Mike. They provide masks. Any or all of the following are useful to bring if possible: gloves, shovels, contractor garbage bags, flashlight, hammer, and goggles.

    pokeymon "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Just a quick note for organizers. Might want to designate some safe secure out of the way for any volunteers that come and have some personal things, bags, backpacks, other things that they want to keep safe not get lost. One volunteer at a center learned the hard way that if it is left somewhere, it might not be in the same spot when you come bac.

    Other than that had a very gratifying feeling of we helped out with a great group of people helping in Staten Island.

    Wynn "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Have the ability to make fleece blankets in mass, do not have the finances to do this if fleece is provided, I will be more than happy to make blankets, I am in CT and have nothing but time...Have a fabric store down the street that has fleece for 2.99 a yard it takes 4 yards to make a 60x 72 blanket. average time to produce 1 blanket is 30 minutes there must be a way we can make this work. "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Deb Powell, a visiting nurse, has secured donations of gloves and masks from Staten Island Hospital (THANK YOU!!) She was giving packets (PPE) of 2 pairs of gloves and a mask per pack to the National Guard who then handed them out with the bleach. This will continue tomorrow --- Cate and her group will take over at New Dorp Beach - Miller Field. VOLUNTEERS - Please be sure to use this Personal Protective Equipment to minimize your exposure to harmful bacteria, molds, dust, and other potentially harmful substances. We are in the process of securing goggles and/or safety glasses as well. We will keep you updated.

    gaillarkin "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • VOLUNTEERS AT ALL SITES - PLEASE USE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) AS NEEDED...gloves, masks, safety glasses. Cate mentioned that the gloves rip too easily...good solution is to use the surgical gloves UNDER your work gloves. This will help keep your hands dry as well - and the work gloves will help prevent cuts. Miller Field will have first aid. We're not sure about the other sites.

    gaillarkin "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • North Shore Rescue Squad - Thanks for your coverage at Miller Field today!! How many PPE packets did you guys make with Nurse Deb??? Like a thousand??!!

    gaillarkin "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Jean duchemin aka Johnny Bravo, 1718-213 - 8630, I'll be at 192 ebbitts st all week, I need volunteers to help bring supplies and clean, also need driver's, you guy's are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for all the help gotten!

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Any thing anyone needs please contact me,

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • When and where are the Miller Field crews meeting up tomorrow?

    AnimusDigredior "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I am ready to volunteer Monday morning. I also will bring baby formula, baby wipes, trash bags, cat food, dog food and AA batteries (for flashlights). I'm from San Francisco so I don't know the area very well. I'm staying near the Brooklyn Bridge. Will the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan be operational tomorrow morning? Is so, what time should we head over? Thank you.

    lelandkim "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • trying to get a group of friends together from manhattan to head out monday(now today). Many of the first sites i looked at were already doing park cleanup with volunteers? have a dear friend in SI and it seems this cannot possibly be the most pressing need. I similarly, and this may be from a place of ignorance, do not understand the immediate need for gutting homes that have been destroyed. first, if I am wrong please tell me why so i can communicate that to others in my group as well, and second if anyone has any good ideas about how to get involved in things like the distribution of basic supplies(food, water, needed basic amenities), please share them. if i'm blunt, forgive me, but as someone tying to organize a group, the more compelling my arguments the larger that group will be. thank you!

    edwinhn "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • i am from manhattan, but the news did say the ferry was running

    edwinhn "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Wondering if there will be transportation specific to the cleanup efforts on the Staten Island side via the ferry. Based on a public transportation app, it would take 40 minutes to get to the hardest hit area of SI by taking the bus from the Staten Island Ferry location.

    lelandkim "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I've been updating this page with info regarding Staten Island Resources, Useful Info, Volunteer, Donation, and Pickup and Dropoff Locations. Please share it and disseminate it: Also available here:

    john_paul "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I volunteered on Sunday at the 599 Father Capodanno site. The larger sites taking drop off donations are using volunteers to unload and sort donations, and organizing cleaning crews who are sent out to specific homes/areas to help with cleanup. Other crews are going out with water, food, cleaning supplies, etc., being dropped off in different neighborhoods, and going door to door to see if people need help.

    Volunteers with cars (with gas) are very useful to help drop off/pick up cleaning crews/volunteers. Many people came out by public transit; the only way to get to the area along Father Capodanno from the ferry terminal is by bus.

    Edwinhn: I understand that you want to help with most pressing needs and that is admirable. As I mentioned above, there is opportunity to go out in the nabes with food, blankets, water, etc. However, there were dozens of smaller community-organized sites everywhere, offering these things, so I believe this need may thankfully be diminishing. Many local residents are now in clean up mode, so the cleanup crews are doing a huge service in getting affected families back on their feet, both physically and psychologically.

    Best to all, you are all wonderful, S.

    svenesaes "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello, I am a Staten Islander who is fortunate enough to have the ability to work during the week. Is there anything I can do to help the Sandy Relief efforts after work hours this week?

    God Bless

    jstrenk "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi! Trying to bring a group of about 40 or 50 people this weekend. Can someone recommend the best place for us to go and/or person on SI to contact to organize? Please contact me at meghan at psualum dot com. Thanks ~ Meghan

    deghanmay "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I have a car (with full tank) and would be happy to move people around. I will be on the Island this afternoon.

    angcutrone "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • What is the best way for someone out of state to help? I will come to Staten Island, but not sure where to go. If people come from out of state, where can we stay? Any direction would be appreciated. I have registered as a volunteer but have not heard back yet about how I can help. Please email me at Thank you.

    ddcorin "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I live in Oak Park IL. The families of our local elementary school want to help families there. Aside from cash donations, if we collected some items that you are in need of (coats, baby items, personal care items) is it even possible to receive what we'd send via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS? Please advise. We want to do something. The kids want kids there to know we are thinking of you.

    jsteele "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I dropped off some items at the FEMA distribution center on Saturday. Met a woman who said all she wanted was underwear, but there was none to be found. I'd like to collect donations in my town of new, unopened packages of underwear for all ages, as I think it's a basic necessity that can't be "shared" like regular clothing. Is this still a need? I live in NJ and would like to get the word out asap. Please advise. I'll drop off this weekend.

    dowmort "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I am available to volunteer tomorrow (tuesday) Will people be meeting tomorrow as well?

    Rocknrobin "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • You can check back on this page for updates on places to volunteer on Staten Island, as well as, and .

    The moderators of this site are working hard in areas with low connectivity and can't give many updates.

    If you would like to donate items, think about materials needed for flood clean up. Stiff push-brooms, leather palmed work gloves, rubber gloves, bleach, buckets.

    caitria "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • More donation hubs/volunteer locations listed here:

    caitria "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • is driving into SI with a van full of clean-up volunteers possible? or do we need to take public tranport... if possible, any suggestions on where a clean-up crew could be used tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th?

    vittorioso26 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I want to come in from Manhattan Tuesday and help with any physical jobs. I have work boots and gloves. Right now I'm scheduled to meetup with NYCares at the Barklays Center in the morning but I'd rather just get on the ferry and head straight to SI if someone can tell me where to go.

    beckensberger "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Just bought 7 large push brooms, a ton of garbage bags, 50+ dust masks and 50+ pairs of gloves. Where can I drop them off to crews that need them on the way to Brooklyn coming from Huguenot tomorrow morning at 8am?

    steven "(almost 6 years ago)"
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