Donations Needed in Staten Island

posted almost 6 years ago by caitria
This update is over 30 days old.

Please bring these items to: 3845 Richmond Avenue - Sen. Lanza's office 2900 Amboy Rd. - Farrell High School 312 Filmore St. - Unitarian Church of SI

Please bring these supplies rather than clothing. Most donation locations have too much clothing already. Cleanup is the priority!

- cleaning supplies - batteries - L/XL fleeces - blankets - socks - contractor bags - shovels - rakes - bleach

GASOLINE: Anyone with a car with gas, or just gasoline, should go to Senators or other Staten Island sites to help distribute supplies. Volunteers keep running out of gas while delivering items and can't refill in the area. Plan ahead!


  • Do you need volunteers tomorrow? If so, where? 3845 Richmond Avenue?

    juanneng "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I have supplies but will be arriving late tonight or tomorrow night, will there be someone around at the locations?

    princessofbos "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Volunteers needed at the high school and church. The Senator's office is just a distribution site at the moment I believe.

    caitria "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • does petrides have anyone there in need of hot food?

    ksanto "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • please let me know if i can drive onto Staten Island with car and assist with distributing I do have gas.

    thx, brian

    groovus "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Any info on what time to be at Crossroads to help on Sunday?

    wolffkkl "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • If i take the staten island ferry over with clothes, supplies and friends ready to help where is a walking distance place we can volunteer? Please let us know!!!!

    sarawinsor "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Couldn't find how to share information: So has just sent out a list of open veterinarians in Staten Island

    as far as we know, the following vets are open and accepting patients:

    Boulevard Vet Group, 718-980-6491 Annadale, 718-984-4440 Rosebank, 718-273-9800 Pleasant Plains, 718-227-8387 Richmond Valley, 718-948-3331 Westerleigh VCA, 718-698-1400

    also, Blvd Vet Group is distributing dry dog food, cat food, and litter - 1 package per person - call ahead for availability

    tommymiles "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I am heading to New York from Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday I would love to help out. Where would be best for me to go?

    charlenexx1988xx "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I have a station wagon with a full gas tank and can come help tomorrow (Sunday) whenever you need me. Please let me know where and when to report! thx Seren

    svenesaes "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I can come and help tomorrow Sunday and Monday. I can bring some light supplies as listed. Tell us where to report for tomorrow and what time Thanks for your effort at communicating.

    Sjeanjean "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • this is jean duchemin aka johnny bravo from cross roads church, i just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all your hard work and support, you guys are truly amazing and i am so grateful to have worked with you..... i never seen so many people with so many talents and skills and abilities as i seen today and yesterday, thank you from my whole heart, i'm working really hard on getting you guys the locations that are needed as will as everything else that was asked, we couldn't have completed as much as we did without you..... here is my contact info.... 1-718-213-8630 51 beacon place staten island ny 10306, please feel free to text or email me any questions or concerns you might have and i will answer as quickly as i can. and again thank you guys, i felt so much love today

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Sara, there isn't anywhere in walking dist, but SIRR should get you close to somewhere that needs to be cleaned up. Ask on their ( SI recovers) FB page.

    Anna "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • There is a project hospitality office that is walking distance from the SI Ferry

    SueLucas "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I have a prius with a full tank, coming from Bloomfield NJ 07003. Can you use a driver tomorrow (Sunday) to deliver supplies or whatever? If I'm able to bring other supplies, what do you need most? Do you need more cars, drivers, able bodies? If possible, I'll bring some. Susan: or text: (609) 432-6346

    Sooz "(almost 6 years ago)"
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