Phone Hotline Volunteers Needed

posted almost 6 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in volunteering with the Recovers hotline! At this time, we are not taking volunteers remotely.If you are in Brooklyn, please come to 520 Clinton Ave to volunteer with the Recovers hotline. We'll be in touch if we need volunteers to answer phones from remote locations.


  • 1-718-213-8630 Jean duchemin, I'm volunteering at Crossroads church on

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • w Dorp Lane, I live on roma and have full knowledge of Staten Island, please feel free to contact me for any information, you guys really are amazing, thank you for all your help. Love you guys

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • this is jean duchemin aka johnny bravo from cross roads church, i just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all your hard work and support, you guys are truly amazing and i am so grateful to have worked with you..... i never seen so many people with so many talents and skills and abilities as i seen today and yesterday, thank you from my whole heart, i'm working really hard on getting you guys the locations that are needed as will as everything else that was asked, we couldn't have completed as much as we did without you..... here is my contact info.... 1-718-213-8630 51 beacon place staten island ny 10306, please feel free to text or email me any questions or concerns you might have and i will answer as quickly as i can. and again thank you guys, i felt so much love today

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
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