Drop Off Locations:

posted almost 6 years ago by SIrecovers
This update is over 30 days old.

These locations are for drop off only:

Farrell High School 2900 Amboy Rd.

Petrides 715 Ocean Terrace

Susan Wagner 1200 Manor Rd.

In addition to the specific requests, all locations need the following:

blankets candles flashlights batteries water food socks towels printer paper baby items: diapers etc. pet food yard-cleaning equipment


  • This is directly from Wagner Facebook please update for them 1) Donations: Please STOP bringing donations of clothes, toys, etc. to the school. We have run out of space to store it. The only items that are needed are socks, and underwear (in their original package), as well as things like baby wipes and diapers- including adult diapers. Donations of ready to eat food for evacuees and the volunteers are okay as well.

    Ckobrick "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Can you confirm on these other sites to send donations to as I am coming from Andover nj and want to make sure of a place to bring do actions to. Thanks

    Ckobrick "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I couldn't find the Wagner Facebook page, can you tell me how you found it please?

    Gotti1227 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Do you need volunteers at Farrell Hugh School today (Saturday)? Pleaae let me know. Thanks

    joconnell "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • is there any need for a heavy duty pump for pumping out basements today or sunday? I have access to the pump on a trailer, truck to tow it, and the fuel to run the pump Please let me know

    klwilliams "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Facebook is Susan E. Wagner High School

    Ckobrick "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • is there any location near by jersey city where i can drop off food, water and clothes for staten island as i can't manage a car and the public transportation seems to be not so properly working yet. and i don't know how do i get there. please let me know.

    mruga "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I want to drop off winter shoes, coats and blankets today. where can I do that ?

    MaryRose Donaghy "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • hi i have a baby crib and boy clothes and coats where can i donate in Jersey City.

    leticia687 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Petrides isn't accepting donations. We just went there with a car full of items and we were turned away.

    mtl718 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • STATEN ISLAND FRIENDS: I just got word that ARIANA'S CATERING at 192 Ebbitts Street in New Dorp is OPEN 24 hrs with Hot Meals - clothing, toiletries, etc. for anyone in need...PLEASE pass this along to anyone in the area who may need help...Thanks! jean duchemin 718-213-8630 bravo24nyc@gmail.com

    Bravo24nyc "(almost 6 years ago)"
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