Our Friday volunteer opportunity

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Staten Island Recovers: Friday efforts

Needs: car and bike deliverers, co-pilots, servers

   on site food organization for deliveries
   donation in-take
   people to canvas communities

Crossroads Church @ the Lane Theater 168 New Dorp Lane: 12-6pm

We will be working out of the Crossroads location as a place from which to organize then deliver by car/bike: food, cleaning supplies, towels, snacks, and information to residents in Midland Beach, New Dorp, Oakwood, Great Kills.

We will be canvassing the community to figure out larger scale community needs including generators, tree removal, pumping, and other needs.

We will accept donations of all kinds at this location starting Friday. We will also accept donations at Unitarian Church of Staten Island at 312 Fillmore St from 12pm-3pm daily.

Our urgent need is for a grill with a side broiler/burner at the Crossroads Church location. We will return the grill to you as soon as you want it back and as clean as possible. Please test to see that it works and mark it with your name/phone/address.

Our second urgent need is a space from which to serve meals/organize on the South Shore. We would like to partner with a community group/church or even a private home that would allow us to use their garage or other space. We are happy to help in clean up of the space in exchange for the space.


  • Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm already on the LES email list but it sounds like SI needs more in-person help. I'm happy to lend my hands and Spanish speaking skills (not sure if thats relevant) if only I knew how to get down there. Please email sarah.l.chien@gmail.com or call 3093970623. Free after 12:30pm tomorrow.

    schien "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi, my name is Karen and I'm in Bay Ridge Brooklyn near the Verrazano Bridge. I would love to help. I do not have access to a car but could take the bus out, S79 if you think it could reach you. Please email kmsieminski@gmail.com or call 646-256-3497. Free this morning and into early afternoon TODAY.

    kmsieminski "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi again, found the bus route. Hopefully it is open. Will work to be there by 12:30. See you soon! Karen 646-256-3497

    kmsieminski "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello,

    I am a fellow Staten Island resident and will be coming over to help out today with my family.

    sjpins "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello, I have a group of friends willing to lend a hand this Sunday. We will have food, water, and supplies ready to donate/distribute. Would it even be possible to get into SI with the marathon going on? At the same donation site as above? Please give me a ring with more info. Jin 4014514675 Thanks!

    jintonic01 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I can try and be there this weekend. No car but I can do bike deliveries. Diana @ 845.774.5744

    elemenopi "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi, I have a decent sized grill, with a burner. I'm in Kensington, BK. If you guys can pick it up and get it back to me, I'd gladly loan it to you. Alternately, I'd be happy to buy one for you guys at Lowes. I can get a 10% discount there, too. Would need some help getting over there and getting it to you. Give me a call - 732.646.0031

    jonanderson "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I'm trying to get there from Queens today (Friday), Saturday, Sunday... i have a car but no fuel and i'm struggling to find a route via public transit. Anyone with fuel open to car pool from the Forest Hills area or somewhere else nearby?

    jufineath "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello, my name is Ishmael. I have a group of young men from Elizabeth, NJ and we would like to help in any way we can wether its distributing items or removing debris. Pease call me as soon as you can to let me know where we can be best of service. My # is 201.736.6147.

    bigish "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi there - I have a car and am planning on driving in tomorrow morning to volunteer/donate. If there are specific things needed more so than other things, I'd love to know what to bring. Also, please let me know where I can be of most use. Thanks. #646.489.9750

    cnolan "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi! Working on getting a crew from Park Slope over there - does anyone know if the buses are running to SI?

    jmgiroux "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • I may know of a little league that would be willing to help out with the space. Do you have someone we can contact to set it up? They also are trying to organize some sort of donation. If you can send me someone to call let me know please.

    maria.cambria "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • i want to help, live in DC area, just need advice on where to go and what to do/bring. I can bring supplies and do some work to help people (move debris, deliver food, etc) Please email me and let me know how I can help. kristie.espinal@ymail.com

    KristieEspinal "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Is anyone getting any helpful responses? Because fuel is limited in almost all the boroughs our best bet is to either car pool or take a bus. With this ridiculous marathon happening our mayor is making it that more difficult to help out. If anyone has information pls email. Josephine.....Itzjojoxox@aol.com. Thank you!

    Josephine "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi My Name is Anna- I live in Brooklyn and I have a station wagon that is run on diesel fuel, which seems to be plentiful around here. I am free all day on Saturday if I can help out making deliveries, or whatever is needed. Email me at a.a.murrin@gmail.com to let me know what I can do.

    annam "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi - I am coming to SI tomorrow morning around 11am with 8 people willing to help. Please let us know where do we go and how can we best help.

    Not sure if anyone above got any helpful response - if you do pls email me at samuel.public@gmail.com


    samek "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello, I'm organizing a group of friends and friends' friends and even any of you for Sunday. Will the need still be there Sunday? We have bikes! And hear the Staten Island ferry should be running by then. Please let me know, if you are able to tell in advance. Here or sueelisep@gmail.com

    sep300 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Organizers, please call up radio station and tell them phone numbers and addresses where people should go for help and to volunteer. I've been listening to NPR NY -- and not one mention of any truly useful info. Radio right now is the only info source for many right now. I don't get it!

    nebulae "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Anyone still accepting donations tonight? Warm kid/baby clothes? What's the earliest anyone is open to accept donatins and volunteer tomorrow?

    Anna "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi I'm Danny and have a truck and can come Saturday or Sunday anytime to help in any way you need. Also can bring clothes, food, supplies. Email or call me. 917 691 0007. Daniel@crosspondmedia.com

    cpmdanny "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Please post updated information regarding what, where, and when people are needed..this website, twitter, wnyc, anywhere would work. I would love to come out this weekend! Thanks! John

    jacobs46 "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi I would love to help deliver food and supplies by bicycle on Saturday and/or Sunday, if needed. Please let me know if still needed.

    cadam "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hello! I would love to come out to Staten Island and help deliver or hand out food and supplies. Please let me know how I can get to your location from NYC, I plan on taking the Ferry over. I am available all weekend to help, please email me at mgsidiro@gmail.com!

    mgsidiro "(almost 6 years ago)"
  • Hi, I'm Rebecca, Greenpoint resident, and would love to help out in any way possible. I don't have a car, but want to help my fellow New Yorkers in any way I possibly can!


    RPMcMahon "(almost 6 years ago)"
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