Oct 31 mid-day update

posted about 7 years ago by SIrecovers
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Where: Tottenville High School : 100 Luten Avenue, Huguenot, Staten Island, New York. NEEDS: clothes, towels & wash clothes

Where: Petrides School: 715 Ocean Terrace  Staten Island Needs: volunteers, sweatpants and socks

Digital communication:

To announce a resource/business "open" on Staten Island, tweet the location to #SIopen

To announce a need or resource use this site (please!), tweet to @SIrecovers or hashtag #SandyVolunteer


  • If we were to volunteer, which I desire to do, are the roads accessible enough to reach these locations? I would be coming from upper state NY.

    katgregory "(about 7 years ago)"
  • Hi, My 13 year old daughter just asked me how SHE can help after watching the tragic losses on news. Then a few mins later she came back to me and said she would like to send care packages to the victms. Would we be able to send care packages to the shelter locations above? She plans on collecting the items and we will send them Monday. Thank you!!!!

    bjordan101 "(about 7 years ago)"
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