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This update is over 30 days old.

This is a site to collect, allocate, and share resources for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island.

On this site, you can: 1.) Request assistance 2.) Offer volunteer skills 3.) Offer donation items

We plan to support those in need in the Staten Island community in the long term of their recovery, not just first response. Please consider both short-term and long term skills, materials, and needs when signing up.

If you have the ability to share a resource or skill, please use "I WANT TO GIVE."

If you have a need or want to communicate a need "I HAVE A NEED."

Right now the primary material needs in most affected communities are cars and trucks, generators, battery-operated lights and flashlights, and larger portion prepared hot food.

We will post notes about immediate labor needs and specific materials needs on this site as they become available.


1) Following us on twitter: @SIRecovers, @350, @OccupySandy, and @Occuweather are all great sources of info! So is the hashtag #SANDYVOLUNTEER

2) LIKE our Facebook page, where more info is available:

3) Make a donation - if you can afford to - on our WePay:


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